Dedicated Sales Representation

An extension of your business, our team of more than 45 dedicated sales representatives ensures that your books are placed where they’ll succeed

Major Book Retailers

Our in house sales team works closely with all outlets where books are sold.

  • National Accounts – Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Books-a-Million, and Barnes & Noble
  • Independent Bookstores – Relationships with more than 2,400 indie bookstores
  • Mass merchants – Specialists dedicated to mass merchant accounts such as Target, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s, and Hudson

International Sales

Expand your reach and connect with readers via more points of sale across the globe. Easily get your books to markets in:

  • •  Asia
  • •  Europe
  • •  Latin America
  • •  Caribbean
  • •  Africa
  • •  Australia
  • •  New Zealand
  • •  India
  • •  Middle East
  • •  South Africa

Sell more books worldwide. We can help.

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Speciality and Gift Sales

Get your relevant books in museums, gift shops, and specialty retailers all over the U.S.

Additional support from more than 100 specialty sales commission reps!

Library Reach

Dedicated library marketing manager and reps who call on library wholesalers, who understand the unique library landscape.

  • Increase exposure for your books with a noticeable presence at all major library events
  • Generate and drive library market buzz for every title in your catalog—frontlist to backlist

Tradeshow Representation

Get a competitive edge in a fast-moving, modern-day sales environment with a strong presence at all major industry tradeshows, including but not limited to:

  • American Library Association
  • Public Library Association
  • Regional bookselling shows
  • American Bookseller Association — Winter Institute and Children’s Institute
  • Book Expo and BookCon
  • London Book Fair
  • Frankfurt Book Fair

Academic Marketing

Increase your crossover sales and enhance your sales team with representation from our academic specialists at evert relevant trade show.

  • More impressions with thousands of professors and administrators
  • Targeted marketing tools like monthly newsletters and online catalogs

See our entire selection of academic marketing services.

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