Perseus Distribution is Now Two Rivers Distribution

Celebrating our ownership under Ingram, we bring you the same sales and client relations team supporting our category leading publishers

What is Two Rivers Distribution?

Two Rivers Distribution, an Ingram brand, offers global distribution for category leaders ready to move from a one-size-fits-all model to a more flexible, customized solution.

Why Two Rivers?

Bringing our Distribution Strengths Together

Two Rivers is rich in meaning in several ways. Rivers is an Ingram family name, and incorporating this into our brand celebrates a tradition of excellence in publisher services. New York City and Nashville are both home to two main rivers, so the new name also recognizes the teams in these two cities. And rivers have always been gateways in commerce to help businesses grow, a metaphor for the distribution services we provide to our client publishers.

A Note On Our Warehouse

Please note that the warehouse in Jackson, TN formerly known as Perseus Distribution is now named IPS-Jackson. This facility stocks books from Consortium, Publishers Group West, Two Rivers Distribution, and Ingram Academic Services.

How to Order Books from Two Rivers Distribution

The ordering process has not changed. Continue to order via your preferred method:

Independent bookstores and gift accounts:

Please order using any of the following methods or contact your Sales Representative


All other retailers:

Please order via Ingram Publisher Services - Jackson


Order Two Rivers distributed titles from ipage, directly from Ingram Library Services or your favorite library wholesaler.



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